Sony is adding to their range of USB flash drives, which the company calls USB Micro Vault storage devices.

New Midi and Excellence models incorporate retractable USB connectors, high transfer speed s and storage capacities, as well as pre-installed Virtual Expander file compression software.

The Micro Vault Midi range delivers up to 4GB of storage for about 1000 MP3 files or images and over 9 hours of MPEG4 video footage. The included software supposedly automatically compresses files as they're downloaded, and decompresses them when the information is taken off, so that the device can hold up to four times as much information.

The Midi comes in black or silver.

The Excellence range, meanwhile, is the one to go for if you're looking for fast transfer speed. The upgraded model provides read speeds of up to 29MB/s and write speeds of up to 23MB/s.

The Excellence models are available in a gold-coloured casing.

Pocket-lint is awaiting pricing information.