Sony is launching a limited edition Franz Ferdinand branded Walkman in Japan to coincide with a tour of Australia by the band according to a press release it posted in Japanese.

Although our Japanese is a little rusty, what we can make out is that the MP3 player, which will be identical to the current NW-A1000 model apart from the cover design will feature art work from the band's first album You Could Have it So Much Better and four mug shots of the band on the back.

Available from 26 January, the company is only making 100 units of the player.
Lucky Franz Ferdinand fans will also get a special message from the band pre-recorded on to the player and a signed printed card in the box.

The player will go on sale for 33,000 Yen (£161). There is no word as to whether the company will be offering the player in other countries such as the UK.

For our Japanese readers the press release is available at