As Pocket-lint predicted last year, Sony has launched an English version of its e-book reader for the US and UK markets.

Roughly the size of a paperback novel, but thinner than most (about 0.5 inches thick), the device can store hundreds of books in internal memory with the addition of an optional Memory Stick or Secure Digital (SD) flash memory card.

The Reader can also store and display personal documents in Adobe PDF format, favorite web content like blogs or news feeds, and JPEG photos. With a seemingly limitless battery life equivalent to roughly 7,500 page turns, avid readers can devour a dozen bestsellers plus War and Peace without ever having to recharge.

"In recent years millions of people have become comfortable downloading and enjoying digital media, including eBooks. But until now, there has not been a good device on which to read", said Ron Hawkins, Senior Vice President of Personal Reader Systems marketing at Sony Electronics. "Our research has shown that people are looking for a device designed exclusively for immersive reading. The Sony Reader with its electronic paper display, thin format and extraordinary battery life fits the bill".

Sony is backing the launch of the reader with support from its Sony Connect store. The company has also garnered support from leading book publishers, including Random House, HarperCollins Publishers, Penguin-Putnam, Simon & Schuster and Time Warner Book Group will support Sony's e-reading initiative.

The Sony reader will be available sometime in the spring and cost $349.