There maybe rumours that Sony's robot department is going to get the axe with the company's restructuring overhaul, but for now that hasn't stopped the department launching an update to its friendly robot dog Aibo and upgrade for current owners.

New features for the all new Aibo include its ability to blog its own photo diary and read website content aloud. The robotic dog will also remember the location of its items and its favourite place and you can even talk to it using simple dialogue.

Owners who like to be in total control will also like the new feature of being able to connect with AIBO over the Internet and navigate it or take pictures from anywhere in the world.

One of the most exciting developments according to Sony is the introduction of the new Diary and Blog feature. This diary can easily be uploaded from your PC to an online Blog, giving owners around the world the opportunity to see what other AIBOs are doing.

AIBO Mind 3 will be introduced in October on Pearl White and Pearl Black ERS-7 models along with a stunning new Champagne Brown model sporting unique ear and tail colouring.

Existing owners of an ERS-7 model using AIBO Mind or Mind 2 will be able to purchase an upgrade kit with user-friendly auto upgrade software and a 128MB Memory Stick, available at the same time as AIBO Mind 3.