Sony, not content with taking on the iPod with its NW-HD1 hard drive based MP3 player, has launched two new players aimed at the smaller memory MP3 market. Available from the end of November, the NW-E95 and NW-E99 will offer 512Mb and 1Gb respectively.

The two new players will also be the first from Sony since it announced that it would be supporting the MP3 format on its personal players.

More interestingly the two players will both promise 70 hours of battery life and weigh just 40 grams.

The NW-E95 and NW-E99 are the latest additions to Sony's Network WALKMAN family. Other models in the range include the NW-E55 and NW-E75. From the end of October owners of the NW-E55 and NW-E75 will be able to download software from the Internet, which enables these WALKMAN to play MP3 tracks directly, in addition to ATRAC3plus compressed music.