While us Brits wait patiently for Sony's HMP-A1 portable media player, Sony it seems want to tempt us with another device - the Vaio Pocket. With the option of a 40Gb (around 20,000 songs) or 20Gb (around 10,000 songs) drive the key feature about Sony's new player is that it allows you to view images on its 2.2in screen as well as listen to music.

The VAIO Pocket player/viewer weighs approximately 195g for the 20 GB
version and 205g for the 40 GB version, and measures 63.3mm x 115.2mm and is between 20.7mm thick (for 40GB version) and 17.3mm thick (for 20GB version).

The pocket Vaio can also link directly with digital cameras similar to the Nikon CoolWalker and Sony promise up to 20 hours of non-stop playback from a single charge.

Uncharacteristically for a Sony device the player will be able play MP3 and WMA along side ATRAC3plus files, although they will be converted on the fly within the device.

A cradle charger provides all the necessary connections for collecting content from a camera (mini USB1.1) or PC (USB2.0), and an audio output for listening to music through conventional speakers.

Available in mid October the 20Gb unit will cost £249 and 40Gb version £329