No it's not 1988, but that hasn't stopped Sony bringing back the Walkman brand, and in particular a Walkman for music fans keen to keep the audio experience decidedly hi-resolution.

The new Walkman NW-ZX2 will pitch itself as a dedicated hi-res compatible music box for listeners on the go, supporting a variety of file formats and capable of delivering 24bit 192kHz audio to your lobes.

An update to the NW-ZX1, released in 2013, the ZX2 takes the audio quality to a higher level, claims Sony. It also features a rigid chassis design backed in leather, along with a golden headphones input - just look at it.

The new model can deliver up to 33 hours of hi-res audio playback, has a 128GB internal memory, and supports extra storage via a microSD slot for particularly music-hungry listeners.

It's NFC-enabled too, allowing you connect to wireless headphones, speakers and other devices you might own.

However, the catch is that good sound doesn't come cheap. The music player will sell for $1,199.99 when it goes on sale in the US. When, however, hasn't been detailed just yet.