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(Pocket-lint) - Barnes & Noble has re-entered the eBook reader market with its first new device in almost two years, just at a time when major rival Sony announces it is to withdraw completely.

The Nook GlowLight is a direct successor to the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight launched at the end of 2012. It has a similar form factor, but replaces the blueish grey surround with a more fun white bezel and rear. Around the outside is an interchangeable silicon bumper that both protects the device and can be swapped with optional additional bumpers for customisation.

It is ultra lightweight, weighing just 175g, and has a higher resolution screen than its predecessor; 65 per cent more pixels. Plus, there are new fonts and font sizes to make reading even more comfortable.

with sony quitting the ebook biz can the new nook glowlight take its mantle  image 6

The GlowLight - a bank of top-ranged LEDs that illuminate the screen - is more evenly distributed than before. And the screen has an anti-glow coating to keep the paper-style properties even when lit.

Thanks to the new E Ink Regal waveform technology, full page flashing has been eliminated when turning pages. It is also quicker than with former Nooks.

There is 4GB of internal storage - enough for up to 2,000 books - and the battery is able to last up to eight weeks between charges, if you read for 30 minutes a day and GlowLight is switched on in default mode.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity.

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The Nook GlowLight uses the Barnes & Noble network of booksellers to provide eBooks and magazines through its shop. There are more curated lists and Nook channels than ever before too.

It costs £89 and is available in the UK now from Argos, Asda, Blackwells, Foyles, John Lewis, Sainsburys and Very. The alternative silicon bumpers are available for £15 for a pack of two; red and blue.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 6 August 2014.