Sony wants to convince you its waterproof NWZ-W273 MP3 player can really go with you for a swim. 

The company has begun an advertising campaign in New Zealand to sell the waterproof MP3 player within a bottle of water. It's called the Bottled Walkman, and is being sold from vending machines in public places such as gyms.

The concept "transformed the humble vending machine into a conversation starter, a media portal and a distribution channel that completely removed the barriers to purchase", DraftFCB, the advertising firm behind the campaign, told Vending Times.

Sony released the NWZ-W273 in February 2013, bringing a waterproof design of up to 2 metres, a light build, and high-quality speakers. 

The new media campaign from Sony might be the perfect way to go after its intended audience. We've reached out to Sony to learn if the campaign will extend past New Zealand into the US and UK.