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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has just announced its third generation of Head Mounted Display, the HMZ-T3W, that lets you strap a 750-inch screen to your face. Well, the equivalent of that, minus the neck ache.

The third generation of headset comes as Oculus Rift and the newly announced vrAse make headway in the market. Sony's early start could be a big help as this headset now offers WirelessHD connectivity to mobiles, PCs and consoles. That means the equivalent of a 750-inch cinema screen, viewed from 20m away, with 360-degree 7.1 virtual surround sound all built into a light and comfortable headset.

Two OLED panels deliver a 3D picture at 24p true cinema playback. The headset has a separate battery, to keep it light on your face, which offers three hours of wireless play or seven hours of HDMI-connected content.

The headset is built for gaming too, offering near zero latency. It's even made to allow you to look down at your keyboard, mouse or controller easily while gaming.

So what's the downside? It'll set you back £1,300. But as a replacement for your entire home cinema set-up, which you can take anywhere wirelessly, that doesn't seem so steep. If you fancy one you'd better get saving as the HMZ-T3W Head Mounted Display goes on sale this November.

After trying the HMZ-T1 and being impressed by the HMZ-T2 upgrade we'll hunt down the HMZ-T3W if it's at IFA and let you know just how it really feels.

Writing by Luke Edwards. Originally published on 3 September 2013.