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(Pocket-lint) - The Sony prototype digital A4 jotter unveiled on Monday has now been captured on video. Designed with university students in mind and planned for a consumer release before March 2014, the 13.3-inch device is the first to use E Ink Mobius, the tech firm's newly announced large-format electronic paper display.

From the video, two things are clear. First, it will be a massive help to students, who can combine their school textbooks and jotter pads in one, making their backpacks considerably lighter. And second, it looks bonkers.

The benefit to using E Ink's Mobius over a conventional tablet display is in the weight of the device. At just 358g, it weighs only slightly more than an iPad mini, but is significantly larger. Power consumption will also be less in use, meaning it will be operable for a lot longer than tablet devices between charges.

There are other features that mean it is better suited to a classroom environment. "This is still at the prototype stage. But we're designing it to work smoothly. Also, with paper, you can rest your hand on it while you write, but with a tablet, you can't always do that," said Sony. "This digital paper makes it possible to write while resting your hand on the panel."

The digital notepad is to be tested in Japanese universities before entering full production later this year.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published on 17 May 2013.