Sony has announced the launch of the Sony Portable Wireless Server, a device that wants to join all the dots and make your content easier to share and manage.

The PWS will act as a Wi-Fi hotspot, so you can insert a memory card and then access the content of that card on a mobile device. This will let you, for example, plug the memory card from your DSLR into it and then view the snaps on your connected tablet.

Not only will it let you share content, but you can also use it to manage content, so you can move your device content on to a card for storage or sharing and will be able to connect up to eight devices at one time.

As it features a USB port, you'll be able to plug in a USB drive to access the content and share it.

The Sony PWS also has its own battery, so you can use as a back-up power supply for your smartphone or camera, charging via USB.

All will be controlled through the PWS Manager app, which will be available from iTunes and Google Play.

No word on pricing just yet, but it's said to be available in the UK in the summer.