Sony is extending its reach into your content with the launch of the Personal Content Station and Portable Wireless Server.

The Sony Personal Content Station (PCS), slick name aside, is basically a home media server, but it comes with a touch of magic, literally. Extending NFC to home storage, you'll be able to transfer content over to the PCS with a tap of your NFC-enabled smartphone, such as the Sony Xperia Z.

Tailored specifically to your mobile devices, the PCS also has a video transcoder, so it will convert your video into MP4 format for playback on your phone. It states that AVCHD video files will be converted, so you can dump your high-quality camcorder footage on the PCS and easily stream it to your device.

Other supported formats include JPEG, RAW and 3D MPO files for photos, and MP4, MPEG2 SD, MOV, 3GPP(3GPP2), AVI, MPEG1 for video.

Aside from these magic features - which also include social network compatibility, thanks to an app on your phone - the Sony Personal Content Station gives you 1TB of storage, as well as USB and memory card interfaces.

It's slickly designed, so rather than being an ugly black box you'll want to hide the Sony PCS looks like the sort of things you would be happy to have sitting on your sideboard.

There's no word on pricing, but the Sony PCS will be available in the summer in the UK.