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(Pocket-lint) - Sony has tweaked its Reader device, adding cloud storage and a more powerful battery as it looks to take on other ebook readers.

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 is a follow-up to 2011’s PRS-T1 but comes with a couple of important adjustments that demand we put down our Kindles and take note.

Evernote, the cloud-based aggregation service, has been integrated into the Sony Reader PRS-T2. This in turn enables the user to highlight favourite quotes or passages from an ebook and store them in the cloud as a virtual reference point.

sony reader prs t2 brings evernote to the table for cloud storage image 2

It also works in reverse, with Evernote Clearly storing articles or web clips in the cloud, only for you to retrieve them straight to your Sony Reader. For example, you could be reading an article on your PC at home, save it via Evernote Clearly and then pull it from the cloud straight to your Sony Reader device. The only requirement being a Wi-Fi connection.

Sony has also improved the battery life, promising up to 2 months of use (with Wi-Fi switched off), which equates to double the capacity of the Sony Reader PRS-T1.

Other than that, we’ve still got a 6-inch display, with Sony utilising its E-Ink Pearl technology, while text can be zoomed in and out using the pinch-and-pull method. Stumble across a word or expression you’re unsure of and you can discover the meaning via Wikipedia or Google, again just as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection. 

sony reader prs t2 brings evernote to the table for cloud storage image 3

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 is available in red, white and black with a free voucher for the first Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, for a limited time only.

Other books can be downloaded from the Reader Store with some titles costing as little as 20p, while ebooks can also be borrowed, with the aid of a library card, from your local council library. There is 2GB of onboard storage, though this can be topped up with a 32GB microSD card and you can share your latest literary endeavours with others via Facebook with a few presses of the touchscreen.

The Sony Reader PRS-T2 can be pre-ordered from 17 August from www.sony.co.uk and Sony Centres across the UK, though so far there’s no word on pricing.

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Writing by Danny Brogan. Originally published on 16 April 2013.