It is not only Sony tablets that we're expecting to crash land at IFA. Well, now it isn't at least - as the follow-up to the Sony Reader PRS-650 has been leaked online, the equally congruous Sony Reader PRS-T1.

The T1 improves upon the original by adding Wi-Fi, a microSD slot, 2GB of on-board storage and multitouch support.

There is also a stylus option for note-taking on the 6-inch E-Ink Pearl display and you can do a bit of surfing too - Google and Wikipedia are on board, along with 12 built-in dictionaries.

Weighing in at just 168g, the T1 is a much more slimline option than the 650 as well.

Nothing official from Sony yet, the T1 was leaked by a Dutch e-retailer. But with IFA around the corner, we shouldn't have too long to wait. And who knows, the much touted Sony Android ebook reader might make a Berlin appearance too.