Sony has only gone and launched an entirely new Walkman lineup, adding four brand spanking new MP3 players to its audio range. 

The Walkman quartet all boast their own unique features, with things like touch screens and water-resistance setting them apart.

First up is the A860, the range's flagship device. Expect a 2.8-inch touch screen and new-generation S-Master MX digital amplifier technology for noise reduction and audio clarity. The A860 is also a photo and video player and features a new UI from Sony. 

sony walkman a s e and w series mp3 players announced image 30

Inside is up to 64GB of memory and Bluetooth for wireless headphones and device pairing. The A860 also features a Karaoke mode if you are so inclined which lets you play back song lyrics on screen and sing along. 

Size-wise, the A860 weighs 77g and measures in at 51.8 x 96.9 x 9.3mm, putting it in close proximity with the iPod Nanos of yore.

Sony has packed in five of its Clear Audio technologies into the A860 including S-Master MX, Clear Stereo and Clear Bass. DSEE technologies are also put to good use in regaining lost audio detail from compressed music files. The A860 will be available in both black and white iterations and should launch at the end of August with a pair of quality MDR-EX0300 headphones included. 

sony walkman a s e and w series mp3 players announced image 14

The A860s little brother, the S760 ditches the touch screen in favour of uber battery life. Sony is reporting up to 50 hours of music playback on the tiny 77g 43.6 x 97.5 x 7.9mm device. 

The same Clear Audio Technologies as the A860 are also included in the package, minus the S-Master MX. Those so inclined can opt for the S763BT, which comes with a pair of Bluetooth headphones included for easy wireless listening. Expect the S760 to ship alongside all the other Walkmans in both black and white as well as 8GB and 16GB variations. 

sony walkman a s e and w series mp3 players announced image 10

Next up is the E460 which features a 2-inch display and comes in either 8GB or 4GB sizes. It is around the same size and weight as the S760 at 45 x 96.8 x 9.7mm and 58g. 

A set of new EX headphones as well as the same Clear Audio Tech as its bigger brothers make it a decent listening package. The main draw however is the colour choices which include a sort of digital camo green and a slightly more girly pink. 

The E460 appears to currently be on sale on the Sony website priced in at £69.

Last is the W260, which is more like a set of headphones with an MP3 player built in. Designed specifically for sport, they are an ultra light set of in ear headphones, weighing just 32g. Battery life is particularly impressive with a 3-minute charge giving you a full hour of playback. The lack of screen means that Zappin technology is used to let you get quick previews of tracks. Water resistance should be good news to the particularly sweaty, but don't go swimming with them on! Expect either 4GB or 2GB versions.

Phew, plenty of MP3 action to go on there. Talk about spoiled for choice...