Who said that the Sony Walkman was dead eh? Well, we did actually, but the legendary brand keeps a coming. The Sony Sports Walkman NWZ-W260 has just been announced - a sporty little number designed with fitness fanatics in mind.

The W260 is wire free (the player is built into the 'phones) and is water resistant - so it can handle a run in the rain, or a heavy session with a sweaty-Betty. You can even give them a wash after a strenuous work-out and they'll still be good to go.

They are drag and drop compatible but you can also sync your music from iTunes if you'd prefer. They also boast Sony's Zappin tech - which helps you to find exactly the tune you're after to get you motivated (Eye of the Tiger, obviously).

With a fully charged playback time of 8 hours, they are suitable for even the slowest of marathon runners and a 3-minute charge should get you through a 60-minute workout, no problem.

To celebrate the launch of the Walkman W260, Sony has teamed up with Olympic hopeful Marlon Devonish, who's either super keen on the new design, or is contractually obliged to say he is (or both).

"The Sports Walkman keeps me going through all of my workouts in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games," he said . "The sound is amazingly clear and helps get me 'in the zone' when I'm training, and I love that it's both wireless and water-resistant so I never interrupt a training session."

The Sony Sports Walkman NWZ-W260 will be out at the end of July - no word on pricing (or how many GBs are on board either).