Who said the Sony Walkman was dead, eh? Oh yeah - we did. But talk of its demise may have been greatly exaggerated as Sony continues to use the brand on phones and MP3 players - most recently with the Sony Walkman Music Clip NWZ-B160, which has just been unveiled.

The miniature MP3 player weighs in at just 28g, is less than 10cm long - but still packs a track display and a bass-boosting button which, when pressed, offers "even more low-end power" and "delivers big, bold, sound by Sony that stands out from the crowd".

The Music Clip takes its name from the detachable clip that allows you to stick it on your bag / belt / pocket.

It boasts 18 hours playback on a single charge, and you'll also get 90 minutes from just a 3 minute zap. There's also Sony's Zappin song search tech on board, making it easier to find all of your tunes.

Out this month, prices are yet to be confirmed but we know the Music Clip will come in 2GB and 4GB flavours.