Sony has announced that the Sony Reader Daily Edition, the PRS-950, is now available in the US. We know, this sounds familiar doesn't it?

And that's because around this time last year, Sony announced exactly the same thing. However, a quick check of the stats back then, compared to this time around shows that Wi-Fi has been added to the mix, as well as a healthy $100 price-cut.

Along with the Wi-Fi, you'll also get 3G courtesy of AT&T (in the States) allowing you to purchase and download books as well as select newspapers and magazines on the fly.

The Reader Daily Edition also has some new tech on board, including first-to-market optical touch screen technology for its 7-inch display.

On board there is also a web browser and a photo-viewer. It has 2GB of built-in memory which is expandable via a memory card up to 32GB.

The Sony Reader Daily Edition is available in silver for US customers only and will cost you $299. Get it direct from SonyStyle. At present, there's no planned official release for the UK.