Sony has joined forces with satnav specialist TomTom to introduce the Xplod range of in-car navigation devices. Both the snappily titled XNV-L77BT and the XNV-L66BT will comprise Sony’s AV head unit and TomTom’s navigation module, offering full access to TomTom Live services including HD Traffic, Local Search with Google and Safety Alerts.

HD Traffic is updated every three minutes to keep drivers updated on road incidenets and delays, while Safety Alerts gives advance warning of safety cameras and dangerous areas. TomTom's MapShare means that you can keep your maps up to date by correcting them and benefit from the changes made by other drivers via your computer and the brand's free Home software.

Built on the same platform as Sony's award-winning XAV-70BT, the new range also benefits from Local Search with Google which lets you seach for local shops, restaurants and other businesses using Google Map. You can even call to book a table right from the search page.

The devices incorporate a virtual speaker right in the middle of the dashboard to recreate a 5.1 channel surround sound effect, while another handy feature adjusts the timing of the sound from the different channels depending on the driver's position.

The XNV-L77BT sports a 7-inch widescreen touch screen, while the slightly more compact XNV-L66BT offers a 6.1-inch widescreen display. Both models are equipped with Sony's Zappin and SensMe technology which let you easily select your music and can be connected to a wide range of digital music players including Walkman, iPod, iPhone and USB memory drives. They also boast integrated Bluetooth for hand-free phone calls and streaming music wirelessly from a mobile phone.

The Xplod range will be available in the UK from October, with pricing yet to be announced.