It has only been out for a few hours, but we've already managed to get our hands on the new Sony Walkman, the E450.

It's pitched at the kids, Sony tells us, and comes with a range of features that we saw in action. The first is that it will fetch the lyrics for your music (once tracks are identified by Gracenote) when connected to your PC. When you play a track, it will scroll the lyrics on the screen so you can sing along. Fab.

But wait! There's more. You can dive into the menu and get the E450 to cut out the original vocals, so you have your own karaoke machine in your pocket. We saw it working on Leona Lewis and what a respite it was too. Cleverly you can change the key the song is in if you find your vocal range is slightly lacking.

Once you've selected a karaoke mode, you'll be able to sing along using an iPod dock and there is also a mic on the bottom of the E450, so you could record yourself as an MP3 and send it to your friends.

In the hand the E450 is a little light, with a mostly plastic construction and reminiscent of the first-gen iPod nano. Sony confirmed that the price would be affordable for younger customers, we'll try and get a price out of them and update.

We're also impressed that the E450 comes with all the software on the device, that it will sync with iTunes and that it is iPlayer compatible. Of course we'll have to verify this when we get it in for review. Until then, enjoy the photos, we're off for another go on Susan Boyle.