Sony has unleashed a 3D friendly surround sound system to go with your 3D TV, so you can get the full cinema 3D experience in your living room without having to sit next to a sweaty fat bloke who insists on eating popcorn with his mouth open for the entire duration of the movie.

The Sony HT-AS5 is designed to fill up your room with audio whilst the 3D action takes place and has three HDMI inputs and one output, all with 3D pass-through. The HDMI output also has audio return channel capability, meaning that sound from your TV can be put through the system without an extra cable being needed.

With Sony keen to get you playing 3D games on your PS3 as well, there is also two optical inputs as well as a coaxial digital input for your console.

You get 1000W output power from the HT-AS5's S-Master digital amplification. It has 7.1-channel LPCM from Blu-ray players. The subwoofer unit also contains an analogue radio as well.

The HT-AS5 is available now with an RRP of £429.99. has it for £60 less than this though.