Sony might be focusing on the Sony Dash in the US, but until that lands in the UK, Brits will have to make do with a new "Multi-feature clock radio with projector, soothing nature sounds and room thermometer" says Sony.

The new ICF-C717PJ, is, as the description above suggests, a standard clock radio with a hidden digital projector that will beam the time across your room for you to gaze at as if it were a starry consolation.

While you're gazing at the time you can set it to play nature sounds from five nature settings: undersea world, waves, mountain brook, rainfall or birdsong to suit your mood or more likely your favourite tunes via the FM/AM radio or your MP3 player, thanks to the AUX in port.

And just so you know how cold it is in the morning, there’s even a thermometer that displays ambient temperature in your bedroom.

Expect to be woken up by it from April.