Sony's latest generation of digital voice recorders is angled firmly at the consumer and student market with colourful finishes and MP3-playing abilities.

The slimline ICD-UX200, ICD-UX300 and ICD-UX300F are lightweight 3-in-1 devices that offer voice recording, file storage and music playback via the built-in speakers or the supplied in-ear headphones.

Voice recordings are captured in stereo as MP3 files with a background noise filter helping to keep them clear while 21-step digital playback speed control claims to help when listening back.

Compatible with PCs and Macs, and boasting drag-and-drop file support, the new devices get a slide-out USB connector, folder options and a LCD screen with easy-to-read 5-line display.

Battery life comes in at up to 15 hours in LP mode, while playback extends to 83 hours, presumably less if via the speakers.

The 2GB ICD-UX200 will be available in black, silver, pink and red finishes. The 4GB ICD-UX300 will see black or red finishes while the 4GB ICD-UX300F, complete with an FM tuner, will just be available in black.

The ICD-UX200, UX300 and UX300F digital voice recorders will be available from December 2009 - pricing to be confirmed.