Sony has put the Sony Reader Daily Edition up for pre-order in the US on its SonyStyle website, hoping to maximise on the current appetite for digital readers (ebooks) in the run up to Christmas.

Costing $399.99 and available on or around the 18 December, the Sony Reader Daily Edition, as it is known, will offer a 7-inch screen, come with 3G connectivity for downloading books and take the top of the pile mantle above the Pocket and Touch Editions from Sony.

However some are worried that the late December date means many could miss out on Christmas deliveries if the postal service doesn't deliver in time for the 25th.

"Leaving it to the 18th is cutting it terribly fine", one expert we talked to commented.

The ebook market, which has seen a price reduction from Amazon and the Barnes & Noble Nook launch imminent, is current booming as book sellers try to convince bookworms that they need to go digital.

However, with the promise of more ebook readers at CES 2010 and Qualcomm this week showing a colour screen ebook reader, which is promised for next year, the consumer has plenty of choices ahead of them, something Sony hopes won't deter them from signing up to its Reader in the mean time.