Sony has launched the GPS-CS3KA GPS image tracker, which will allow you to geotag any images taken with a Cyber-shot camera or Handycam camcorder quickly and easily.

All you need to do is carry the image tracker around with you while snapping, and then once you're done and ready to upload your photos to your PC, plug it into a USB port to upload the GPS data at the same time.

Once the images and data are on your PC, the supplied image tracker software synchronises the photos with latitude, longitude and time reading from the GPS-CS3KA unit.

As well as this, you can activate the Picture Motion Browser software which will make your photos popup next to pushpins on Google maps by the actual location you took the picture.

Sony says the image tracker will run on one AA battery for around 15 hours, and will come with a carry case to keep your gadget scratch free.

The GPS-CS3KA image tracker will ship in America from 29 March for $149.99. We'll get European release information to you when we get it.