(Pocket-lint) - Following the European release of the Snap Spectacles, Snap Inc. could be gearing up to release a second pair, but this time with augmented reality built-in. This according to sources familiar with the plans, speaking to TechCrunch.

The Spectacles currently only record video and take photos, which are then automatically uploaded to your Snapchat account.

TechCrunch's sources say the next product will be "quite different", and coupled with a recent patent application picked up by Mashable that refers to augmented reality, it instantly becomes clear what sort of product we can expect.

The patent application also lists other products that could benefit from augmented reality, including "visors, watches and other network enabled items", along with "an augmented reality helmet, and an augmented reality glasses attachment".

But while AR features could be integrated into other types of product, TechCrunch's sources say a second pair of Spectacles is next on the to-do list.

The Snapchat app introduced World Lenses towards the end of 2016, which add animations and effects to the world around you, rather than your face, in a similar way to how augmented reality works. You can start to see a pattern emerging here.

Snap will no doubt be hoping a second-generation pair of Spectacles will perform better than the first. TechCrunch estimates that just under 100,000 pairs have been sold since Q4 2016.

Writing by Max Langridge.