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(Pocket-lint) - Shure has revealed the Motiv MV7 microphone. A mic designed for podcasters and streamers, with capture quality similar to the SM7B but at a more affordable price tag and easier controls too.

This microphone takes its design aesthetics and characteristics from the company legendary microphone, but throws in the ability to connect via USB and use a simple application to automatically level your voice. 

Shure says this is akin to having an audio engineer managing your levels for you - to make sure you're always heard. Combine that with a unique pick-up patten which minimises any nusiance background noise and you've got a solid microphone indeed. 

The highlight of the MV7 though, is the connectivity options. It offers user-friendly USB plug and play on any Windows or Mac machine, but also can be used with an iOS or Android device with the right connectors. 

Like the premium, studio-quality SM7B, the MV7 also has an XLR connector if you have the right equipment to use that. Offering a richer, even more professional sound. 

This makes the MV7 a great option for aspiring streamers, podcasters and content creators who have been eyeing serious microphones, but don't quite have the budget to afford it. XLR is also notoriously complex and fiddly to get setup correctly, but the MV7s auto-levelling system makes it perfect for capturing fantastic audio right out of the box. 

The Shure MV7 is available to buy in either black or silver, with a retail price of £255, $249 and €285. Find out more here.

Writing by Adrian Willings.