Samsung has released its Papyrus ebook reader, now called the SNE-50K, in Korea 4 months after first showing off the device.

The device, which Pocket-lint first reported on in March, will offer a 5-inch touchscreen display and the ability to jot down notes with an accompanying pen.

In a move similar to other makers, Samsung has partnered with an online store in South Korea to offer downloadable books for the $270 device.

In March, Samsung told Pocket-lint that it aims to eventually launch the ebook in the UK and US later in the year.

A5 in size, the model, which will come in a range of colours, will feature a stylus for touching the screen and 512MB of on-board memory for storing content.

There is no SD card slot.

Aside from being able to let you read the latest digital versions of your favourite books, the model will also double up as a notetaker, world clock, diary, memo taker, calculator and contacts, making a truly modern day Filofax.