The lucky Koreans are once again getting a product not available to us in Europe yet.

Samsung has released two new models of their floor-cleaning robots: The VC-RS60 and the VC-RS60H.

The significance of the "H" in the second model's name is not yet clear, as there doesn't seem to be a difference between the two.

They have a cleaning speed of 0.4 meters per second, and contain HEPA filters.

Best of all, when they are getting a bit low on energy (as in, their battery capacity drops below 20%), they go straight to their chargers to fuel up.

You can even ring up the robot when you're out and tell it to do a little hoovering before you get in.

The VC-RS60H will sell for about 990,000won (£560), while the VC-RS60 will go for 890,000won (£507).

You could almost buy a PS3 for that.