Samsung has launched six new MP3 players at IFA 2005 in Berlin, Germany. The line-up includes the YH-J70, YH-J50, YP-D1, YP-T8, YP-F1 and YP-W3L.

The YH-J70 multimedia player is an all-in-one personal entertainment device that will offer games support and MPEG4 playback. The unit features a 1.8in TFT-LCD display and has a 20/30GB hard disk drive that can hold up to 5,000/7,000 songs. The unit also promises picture playback with any image taken by digital still camera. Images can be directly transferred to the YH-J70 and viewed instantly.

The smaller and more portable, the YH-J50 multimedia player offers many of the same features as the YH-J70 but on a 1.5in TFT-LCD display. It has a 6/8 GB capable of storing up to 1,200/2,000 songs. Like the YH-J70 it plays MP3, MPEG4, Ogg and WMA files and content can be shared between devices through the USB Host function.

The compact YP-D1 is a convergence product with functionalities of both a 2-megapixel digital camera and MP3 player with 20 hours of playback time rather like Olympus' M-Robe MP3 Player. Content is stored onto a built-in flash memory and images are displayed on a 1.8in TFT-LCD, which instantly shows images the minute they are taken. The YP-D1 also offers FM radio and voice recording functions. The player also includes a built-in speaker and 4X digital zoom.

The YP-T8 is a flash-based multimedia player with game functionality. It displays images on a 1.8in TFT-LCD display. While listening to music, consumers are able to play games or playback MPEG4 video files. The YP-T8 has 20 hours playback time and FM radio and voice recording capabilities.

The YP-F1 is a MP3 player that can be worn as a necklace or tie clip. Available in black or white, the YP-F1 also comes with three skin replacements, catering to the fashion conscious. It has a built in flash memory and a negative LCD display. With SRS WOW surround sound, FM radio, voice recording and 10 hours of playback time.

The YP-W3L looks like a Victorian pocket watch with a sapphire glass window. A 1GB built-in flash memory lets you store more than 250 songs in MP3, WMA and Ogg formats. FM radio and recording, and voice recording functions are controlled through its simple and soft touch keypad.

Samsung has yet to set a UK price for the six players.

We will keep you posted.