Samsung has produced the first 4Gb NAND flash storage device that will pave the way for larger capacity MP3 players and mobile phones.

Flash memory has been seen as the way forward for MP3 players or storage or mobile phones for some time, however until now, those devices have been restricted to 2Gb of data. Samsung is hoping with this announcement, it will be able to boost its flash based mp3 players to offer more music without moving parts in a smaller package.

Flash memory has grown considerably since 1999 when you could only get 256Mb. Now engineers at Samsung are expecting to reach the 8Gb marker in 2006.

The use of 70nm design technology to produce the 4Gb NAND flash enables Samsung
to produce the industry's smallest memory cell size - 0.025um2 (25/1000 micrometers).
An advanced Argon fluoride photo-lithography light source has been deployed to etch the finer circuitry permitted by the 70nm process.

According to market research firm Gartner Dataquest, 4Gb NAND flash will account for more than 30 percent of total expected sales of $8 billion in NAND flash memory this year.