Samsung has launched a new range of MP3 players to further its presence in the MP3 market. Included in the new range are the following players:


YH-925 Audio/Photo File Player will feature a 260K Colour TFT LCD to view cover art and a 20GB Hard disk drive capable of storing 300 hours of MP3 or more than 600 hours of WMA files (over 5000 MP3 or 10,000 WMA songs). It will also support MP3, WMA, Ogg, and is compatible with Secure WMA and Janus DRMs.

The YH-925 comes with its own carrying case, rechargeable Li-Poly battery
and earphones and is available now, at a guide price of £249.99


The YH-820 Micro HDD Jukebox & Photo Album is a wafer-model (50 x 88.3 x 14mm) that features a 1.6” LCD screen and an integrated MP3 encoder enabling the transfer of tracks directly to the device from a CD-player. It like the YH-925 supports MP3, WMA, Secure WMA, Ogg, and JPEG file formats. Stored photographs are displayed at 128 x 96 resolution.

It unit will offer 5GB of storage space and a Li-Poly rechargeable battery. The player comes equipped with a carry case, earphones, USB cable and an In-Line Encoding Wire and is available now, at a guide price of £169.99.


The YP-T7 Picture Viewer and Audio Player is Samsungs flash based offering and will come in 512Mb and 1Gb variants. Like other players in the range, users will be able to view JPEG picture files on the 65K colour screen. The player supports the MP3, WMA, Secure WMA, Ogg, ASF and JPEG file formats. The built-in Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery provides 12 hours of music play.

The YP-T7 measures just 37.3 x62.5 x 14.7mm and comes with a full range of accessories, including carrying case, necklace, direct USB adapter and an in-line encoding cable and is available now, at a guide price of £129.99 (512MB) and £159.99 (1GB)