Samsung has finally launched its multifunctional Portable Media Centre (PMC) Player YH-999 in the UK. The new player features a slim 20.5mm design, a 3.5in colour TFT LCD screen, video out capabilities and a built-in speaker for headphone-free viewing.

The YH-999 plays Windows Media Video (WMV9) files at 320x240 resolution and 500kbps. With the Microsoft Portable Media Centre platform users can easily store and play up to 80 hours of recorded TV, movies or home videos.

The PMC can store up to 400,000 pictures in the 20GB of storage and users can also display their pictures on a TV in a slideshow accompanied by music via the video-out port.

Data can be transferred from a PC to the player via its USB2.0 connection.

Samsung has confirmed the price as £399.99 and it will be available in Dixons from today.