First it was a deal with Dixons to sell Napster branded gear in their stores, now the illegal turned good music download site that launches today has teamed up with Samsung to bring a MP3 player designed for the site in mind.

The YH-920GS is supposedly seamlessly integrated into the Napster 2.0 client so you can transfer songs from the client directly to your YH-920GS via USB 2.0, although we are sure you will probably be able to use other MP3 players as well. With 20GB of built-in memory (over 5,000 songs) the player offers a FM tuner, tuner recording to MP3 functionality and line-in MP3 encoding.

The player, which can also be used as an external hard drive device for data storage, measures 59 x 106 x 16 (WxHxD mm) and weights 149.5g. It offers a built-in 3.7V rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery allowing over 10 hours of playback time and accessories include remote control, carry case, ear buds, USB 2.0 cable and install disk.