(Pocket-lint) - As we saw at CES 2020, there's no shortage of mad gadgets that want to automate fairly simple processes in our homes. 

And now there's this, a clever wardrobe from Samsung. Yes, a smart wardrobe! This box (that slightly disconcertingly looks like a smart fridge) will keep your clothes fresh...without needing to wash them. 

Freshly launched in the UK, it's worth noting that the £1,999 AirDresser isn't suggesting you never wash your clothes, but it is saying you don't have to wash them as often, meaning clothes last longer. It's an expensive solution, but if you're time-poor it could help you through the week. 


Part of the pitch is that, because you don't need to buy clothes as often, you can buy higher-quality garments and, naturally, having more sustainable clothing is better for the environment. 

The AirDresser has a specially-designed Jet Air system and three Air Hangers that freshen clothes by loosening and removing engrained dust, even from deep within the fabric. Steam sanitises clothing, removing bacteria. Finally, a drying process uses a low temperature so there are no worries about clothes shrinking or being damaged by heat. 

The AirDresser is available to buy from Thursday 23 January for £1,999 from Samsung.com

Writing by Dan Grabham.