(Pocket-lint) - As part of its CES 2020 line-up, Samsung will demonstrate several tech innovations from its C-Lab Inside program and a few from partnering third-party start-ups.

Among them will be a virtual keyboard using the selfie camera of a phone, a digital highlighter pen that will read text and send it to your handset, a hair loss sensor that takes readings from your scalp, and a UV reader that you wear on your wrist.

Samsung's partner products and software innovations include a friendly household robot and a motion sensor that can read hand and eye movements to control your TV, smart home or even in-car systems.

We hope to catch up with the C-Lab concepts at CES 2020 when we're there from the start of next week. These, though, are the ones that have piqued our interest the most so far.


As mentioned above, one of Samsung's developments includes a virtual keyboard that uses the front-facing camera on an existing smartphone to recognise your finger movements. That way you can simply tap on a black table or desk, yet touch type as if you have an actual keyboard in front of you. Of course, it'll help if you can already touch type as it doesn't seem to project anything onto the desk.


Hyler is a smart highlighter pen that converts text in a book or on a sheet of paper into digital words on a mobile device. It can even be used to search for phrases or words on the internet.


SunnySide seems to be inspired by sci-fi movies - those that feature apartments without a view of the outside world. It is a light that sits in a window frame that produces artificial sunlight that changes depending on the time of the day.


One of the third-party innovations, Vtouch is a gesture control technology that can be used in all-manner of circumstances, including in-car, smart home and on digital signage for information booths or even advertising. You can find out more about it here.

The other C-Lab concepts to appear at CES 2020 will be Becon, Ultra V, Circulus, Fitt and Smoothy - the latter being a group chat app that uses Samsung AR Emoji to mirror real facial expressions and motions on screen.

Writing by Rik Henderson.