As well as the Samsung Galaxy S10 range and foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, Samsung unveiled a new power accessory during its Galaxy Unpacked event tonight. And we have some pictures of them both right here.

Found and originally posted by WinFuture, the leaked images served as a teaser for the real deal Samsung launched officially. 

The Wireless Charger Duo Pad is similar to the one released last year, except the pad on the left doesn't double as a stand.

It does, however, looks to have Fast Charge 2.0 this year instead. According to Best Buy's product listing, the left, larger panel delivers 12W of power. This should ensure fairly rapid charging for the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 handsets.

This larger, faster side is compatible with all of the Galaxy S10 series phones announced at the Unpacked launch event, as are any wireless chargers with 10W+ output.

A smaller wireless power pad on the right-hand side is designed for smaller wireless charging devices, like the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Active, previous gen Galaxy and Gear watches and even the new Galaxy Buds wire-free earphones. Again, according to Best Buy's product listing, it delivers up to 7.5W charging.


As well at the Charging Pad, Samsung was rumoured to reveal its own Wireless Power Bank.

It works like many other power banks, with a capacity of 10,000mAh - enough to charge a phone two times or more. It can deliver 15W of power through a USB-C output but also has a Qi charging pad on the front to transfer up to 5W of power wirelessly.

Both devices are expected to be officially unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked. You can watch it live from 7pm GMT right here.