(Pocket-lint) - A Samsung patent for some bonkers 3D tech has been approved by the USPTO.

It shows a 3D display device that seemingly enabled the user to manipulate virtual 3D objects through the space in front of the screen.

It's not holographic, rather a 3D display on a stand that can recognise objects held in front of it, thereby giving users the ability to turn and manage virtual equivalents shown on the screen.

The strange-looking device, that resembles a tablet standing on an ice cream cone,  can also be used with a smartphone through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or NFC wireless tech. You can therefore send and receive data between the two by tapping.

Samsung / USPTO

For example, if a 3D character on the display is playing music, you can transfer than music to your phone.

The tech can also be used by creatives, with real world objects able to be scanned to create colours or other virtual equivalents.

It's quite out there technology and it should be noted that the patent was originally filed in 2013, when 3D display and TV tech was a big deal. Sometimes many years pass before a patent is formally approved and, by then, the original concept is no longer relevant to the current market.

That could be the case this time. Still, it's an interesting find by LetsGoDigital, especially considering the excellent renders the Dutch website has knocked up.

Writing by Rik Henderson.