Along with the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ handsets, we fully expect a line of accessories to be unveiled at the Samsung Unpacked press event on Sunday 25 February.

We've already seen an image of several official cases for the phones and a wireless fast charging dock, now we have press pics of this years Samsung DeX Pad, thanks to serial leakmeister @evleaks.

Like the DeX released for the Samsung Galaxy S8 last year, the DeX Pad turns your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ into a desktop PC.


The second-generation "Desktop Experience" device (hence the name) offers several connections, including at least two USB ports and a HDMI output. You plug your phone into the USB-C connector at the end and, this time, lay it flat.

The DeX Pad is then plugged into a TV or monitor of your choice and you can connect a keyboard or mouse for Android-based computing.

By lying the handset flat, you can use it as a touchpad for interaction - a bit like the Razer Project Linda laptop, which uses a Razer Phone in similar fashion.

Apparently, the new Samsung DeX Pad will be compatible with the Galaxy S8 handsets too. We've not heard anything about Note 8 support, however.