Samsung has announced a new location-tracking accessory called the Connect Tag. Samsung claims it's the world's first consumer mobile product to use narrow band network technology.

This technology connects to the Internet of Things via mobile data and is used with devices that have low power consumption and use small amounts of data.

It's ideal then for the Connect Tag, as it can last up to seven days on a single charge and can transmit its location via GPS, Wi-Fi based positioning (WPS) and Cell ID.

This makes the Connect Tag a lot more versatile than something like Tile, as Tile needs to be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. The Connect Tag meanwhile can work on its own and includes a geofence feature to notify you when it goes out of the set range.

The Connect Tag can be attached to things such as a child's backpack, a dog collar or something more simple like a set of keys, to help you track and find them if they go missing. The Tag can also be setup to show you periodic location updates so you can track its exact route.

Samsung says the Connect Tag will work with its own SmartThings ecosystem of connected products, so it can be used to turn the lights and TV on when you enter your home for example.

The Tag itself is compact, measuring 42.1mm x 11.9mm and has full IP68 water- and dustproofing.