Samsung is set to begin showing off the latest batch of employee creative projects that are part of its Creative Lab, or C-Lab.

C-Lab, formed in 2012, is part of Samsung's push to allow its employees to "nurture their own creative business ideas", according to the company. So far over 100 "innovation programs" have been supported and 40 are being developed by Samsung. Nine are being worked on and revealed this year.

So what can we expect to see at the CES reveal?


Samsung Welt

Welt is one letter off what this device is a smart version of, a belt. Despite looking like a normal leather belt with metal buckle the Welt is smart enough to track the wearer.

Welt will be able to record a user's waist size, which is great but a normal belt pretty much does too, right? This will also track eating habits, steps taken and time spent sitting. This data is sent to a specific app that can analyse it and offer personalised health management plans.


Samsung Rink

The Rink is a set of controllers designed specifically to work with virtual reality headsets.

The idea is for Rink to respond to hand movements so that the user can control objects in the virtual world intuitively. The plan is to offer a deeper level of immersion in the VR world where blindly searching for buttons on a controller isn't an issue. Details of how these hand-worn devices work are sparse but you can expect movement sensor driven smarts at the core.


Samsung TipTalk

Place your finger to your ear to take calls more clearly when wearing a smartwatch. This is what the TipTalk strap is able to do according to Samsung. The finer details of how that works, like bone conduction, are unclear.

Samsung says the strap will work with smartwaches like the Gear S2 but isn't clear if it will be restricted to them only.

Expect to find out more about all these devices from CES next week.

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