When you think about cute and cuddly, there are probably two places your imagination doesn't go: external battery packs and Samsung.

Well it seems that Samsung has indeed made the impossible possible, with its new Animal Edition batteries.

External battery packs are increasingly popular as demands for mobile power increase. Previously we've been limited to a grey or white box, the sort of thing you'd throw in the bottom of your bag, discreetly jacking up when you need a boost.


But with these adorable batteries, you're more likely to fish it out and show the world that you're charging your phone, and you're proud of it.

There are two sizes available. The larger is 11,300mAh and features the giant panda or the golden monkey, both of which are endangered species. Just look at the sadness in their eyes. You should be able to charge your phone about four times from it.

The smaller battery packs are 8,400mAh picture the fennec fox and the lesser panda - which is a vulnerable species - and the fennec fox. On the IUCN Red List the fennec is listed as "least concern". We might be wrong, Fennec Fox, but are you smiling?


There's also an app to go along with the battery packs, that will see the animals getting more animated as you charge. You can download it on Google Play.

There's no word on the exact prices, but when your battery is this cute, it really doesn't matter.