Samsung has unveiled a £20,000 doghouse at Crufts this week which is probably more kitted out than a lot of humans' homes.

The Samsung Dream Doghouse comes with all the tech a dog could hope for including an entertainment wall that uses a Galaxy Tab S, a paw-operated snack dispenser, a push-to-woof call bell, hot-tub spa and AstroTurf treadmill. There's even designer wall-paper on the inside along with pad-print pillows and dog-proof leather buttons to finish it all off in style.

The pad is sectioned into areas with one for rest and relaxation, one for feeding and an outside area for exercise. The wall mounted Galaxy Tab S not only allows the dog to be entertained but can be used by the owner to remotely communicate with the pampered canine.

But before you start worrying you'll pick more fights at home so you get sent to this dream doghouse, there was only one made. This was more a proof of concept from Samsung specifically for the Crufts dog show.

The Samsung Dream Doghouse was designed by a team of 12 architects and fabricators who took six weeks to come up with the £20,000 result.

The Samsung Doghouse will be on display at Crufts from now until 8 March at the NEC in Birmingham.

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