Samsung has sent out invites for a health event on 28 May in San Francisco.

The event invite simple says: "A new conversation about health is about to begin". While it's not giving much away it does lend weight to the rumour that Apple will unveil its Healthbook software at its WWDC in June. Samsung clearly wants to get there first.

The rumours so far point towards Apple revealing a piece of health software that works with a tracking device. This could be the Nike FuelBand, or something similar that is being designed by a team of health experts over at Apple.

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Either way Samsung already has the hardware in place with its heart rate tracking Fit and Gear 2 wrist equipment. It also has the S Health platform, so perhaps this event will be about an update to that.

But the invite is to Samsung's semi-conductor arm of the business. This would suggest the event is more about the type of hardware that tracks health than software. The original Galaxy Gear got updated very quickly so perhaps components for the new Fit 2 are going to be shown off.

We've contacted Samsung for more detail but don't expect much to be revealed before the 28 May event.

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