At a time when Samsung and Apple are engaging in multiple court-based fisticuffs around the globe, it seems that the South Korean manufacturer may have shot itself in the foot. The company is accused of using an iPhone screengrab to promote its Galaxy Player 50 Android media device.

An eagle-eyed reader of John Gruber's Daring Fireball blog sent him a tip (via Twitter) that Samsung was using a picture of its Galaxy Player 50 on the company's website with a rather suspiciously Apple Maps-esque screenshot. And while the page itself now seems to have been removed, the image file is still resident in the back end of the site.

It was then subsequently revealed that the screen of the Galaxy Player 50 just so happens to be (save for a new top bar) identical to an iPhone grab used on a 2008 blog post by Laura Scott (and repeated on Flickr).

Could they be the same? Was the designer of the original promotion page for Samsung cutting too many corners? Is this a foolish slip up considering the legal battles that are raging between the companies world wide?

We wouldn't like to say. But, at the very least, it's embarrassing for a company currently trying to convince courts that its Galaxy products are not being passed off as Apple devices.

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