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(Pocket-lint) - Samsung is big fan of more, and it seems that, now that the Koreans have found a product family that works, it intends to make it a dynasty the to put the Kennedys to shame.

We knew about the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 4.0 and 5.0 when we turned up at IFA 2011 but where there's another screen size, there's obviously another opportunity. So, meet the new(er) Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 3.6 and siblings.

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You'll notice that, much like the iPod touch series, that they're a bunch of Samsung Galaxy S machines without the telephone function. Each of them runs Android Gingerbread with a 1GHz processor OMAP processor and sports both back and front cameras for all your imaging as well as Skype video chats. The bigger two can max out the resolution at 3.2 megapixels whereas the 3.6 can manage 2.0. Enough decimals for you?

Of course, what largely separates these creatures is the sizes of their TFT LCD screens. Note, these are not AMOLEDs of any sort. Nonetheless, the sheer size of the Samsung Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 was quite something to behold, and, straight LCD or not, the screen looked fantastic.

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Used to a 4.3-inch smartphone, it did rather come across like a pair of clown shoes but the usefulness of that enormous display didn't take much to imagine. In fact, if you're looking to buy one of these, then, pocket's notwithstanding, the 5.0 is definitely the way to go. It also happens to be the only one of a three to come with a camera flash.

All the same, if you'd rather not part with £237 for the 8GB version or even £205 for the same storage model of the 4.0, then the 3.6 is now available to you. The 3.6 does feel a mite titchy in such large company and with so many big screen smartphones doing the rounds but it's all the cheaper for it at £149 for the 8GB model and £169 for the 16GB. It also comes in black or white just in case the latter gets a little too tacky for your tastes.

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Doubtless this "socially connected" junior device will be aimed at the teens and, if we were teens, we'd be perfectly happy to get shot square in the chest by one. ETA early October.

Writing by Dan Sung.