We've already had a good poke around with the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and 5 Wi-Fi models when they were first announced at CES and Mobile World Congress and now you can too.

Yep, on schedule as promised, Samsung has announced two Wi-Fi enabled mini tablets called the Samsung Galaxy S WiFi 4.0 and 5.0 are on sale in Europe, starting with Switzerland before heading here to the UK.

Great you say, only trouble is that while we've had confirmation from Samsung you'll be able to buy them, we've yet to actually find any stockists who are letting you do just that. Sadly that means we can't even report a price yet either. 

Coming in 4- and 5-inch sizes, the devices pretty much get the same specs as the Galaxy S phone apart from a WVGA TFT display (not Super AMOLED) and a 3.2-megapixel camera (not 5-megapixel).

The 1GHz processor-touting devices should give you a good "out of pocket" experience, which should be more than enough to churn through most media you care to throw at them and they'll also have full access to the Android Market, meaning a ready supply of apps to use - or not.

We've contacted Samsung for pricing details for the UK and will let you know what they say once they get back to us. 

UPDATE: Looks like Samsung jumped the gun on the email. With Samsung UK telling us:

"Unfortunately we do not have a confirmed date or price yet for the UK market."