Samsung has announced that it will be launching its ebook reader, the S60, in cahoots with WHSmith.

The S60 has a 6-inch screen (600 x 800 resolution) and has 2GB of internal memory, but that can be expanded using the SD memory card functionality.

It's pretty compact, measuring 119.5 x 171 x 16.3mm and weighing only 315g.

Connectivity is via Wi-Fi, so you'll need to be at home, or have access to a hotspot to access the publications in the WHSmith ebook-store.

The S60 supports handwriting input via the supplied electromagnetic resonance (EMR) stylus pen. This means you can make notes and annotations without a QWERTY keyboard making the device bigger than it needs to be.

Support-wise you're looking at all of the usual suspects including ePub, PDF and TXT and, as is common place now in eBook readers, there is also MP3 playback and text-to-speech as well.

"Samsung’s arrival in to the eBook Reader market is significant as we are bringing unique functionality to this emerging market", said Graham Long, VP of Samsung’s IT business division.

"The addition of Wi-Fi and accurate handwriting functionality to eBook Readers will take the user-experience to a new level and ensure eBook Readers continue to grow in popularity".

Toby Keir from WHSmith said: "The new Samsung eBook Reader is very impressive and we think it will prove popular with our customers. The ease of use combined with the sleek design and Wi-Fi functionality offer customers a unique product in this market and we’re confident it’ll be a great success with book fans".

The S60 is available to pre-order now and will be shipping from 26 August.

The good news is that the original touted price has been slashed by £100 to £199. The bad news is this is still £90 more than the Wi-Fi only Kindle (and £50 more than the 3G version).

Tempted by the S60 or holding out for the Kindle? Let us know using the comments below.