Samsung US has announced its sleek, black BD-C8000, the world's first portable Blu-Ray player that can handle new 3D discs.

While the new player's screen is 2D only, it enables 3D playback when connected to a 3D-capable TV (and, obviously, used with 3D glasses).

The BD-C8000 includes 1080p HD video, a 10.3-inch screen, a wireless built-in local area network, 1GB of memory, and all of Samsung’s DLNA and widget technology. The company also announced that the player will include a number of Samsung apps and their AllShare feature, which lets users view photos or videos from the device to a TV.

The player has a 3-hour battery life, HDMI 1.4a support and a discrete side panel for the audio jack and plug-ins. The device not only makes a great travel companion, but it could be instrumental in sharing your 3D discs with friends and family. It is currently available on for US-customers for $499.99 (£320.50).

There's currently no indication when, or if, it will make it to the UK.

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